The Club greens are located behind the Livingston Activity Centre at 18 Livingston Avenue. There are 8 rinks with regulation ditches and play is feasible North/South or East/West.  There is also excellent lighting for nighttime games. The facilities of the Livingston Activity Centre auditorium are available to the club for functions, and carpet bowling is an option during winter months.

Our season officially kicks off on Victoria Day and runs through until Thanksgiving Day. Of course, if the weather permits, there is casual bowling before and after those dates. The annual membership fee is $130.00 (just $25.00 for Juniors!); although you could likely part with a few more dollars for friendly tournaments and social get-togethers. Prospective members can use club bowls, and coaching is free. There are no set teams (except for tournaments) or age restrictions (at any time) - if you want to play, you just show up!

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